Success Stories

A Wellness Coachís Story

My name is Aimee Griffin and I am a Wellness Coach with the NEW Health Code project. I wasnít always a wellness coach but I was like a lot of you, over worked, tired, stressed, overweight and just fed up with the way my life was going.

I worked a full time job, ran a small business, had to juggle home responsibilities and still try to find time for my family and get some sleep in between, not to mention trying to eat healthy and exercise.

I was miserable because I was always working, my husband and child were miserable because I was always away and when I would be home I would be tired and irritable because I just wanted to relax. Dinners were tossed together and eaten on the couch and my house looked like a wreck.

So on the weekends I would have to decide what I wanted to do, rest, spend time with my family, or clean the house. Sometimes there werenít even enough hours in the day to eat and at night I would be so worried about everything I couldnít sleep.

Then I met Thomas Clay and learned about the New Health Code for Women and it helped me to transform my life. It helped me to create a vision for the life I wanted and gave me the confidence I needed to move on.

Using the program I was able to set boundaries and goals for myself that worked and made me feel better about myself.

The step by step wellness plan personalized just for me gave me such hope that I started sharing strategies with my own clients. Thatís when I decided to join the New Health Code project as a Wellness Coach.

Not only did I learn how to out smart the stress triggers in my life, I was able to lose weight and manage my mood swings. I was even able to help my family feel better and take these strategies and pass them onto my own coaching clients.

I was able to help others as I was helping myself. And the best part is these strategies are incorporated right into your life and take little time out of your day. All it takes is a vision and commitment to wellness.

Now I am loving life and I can honestly say that everything right now in my life is exactly the way that I want it. I am so grateful everyday for my blessings and am thankful that I found Thomas and the New Health Code project.

To Your Wellness,

-Aimee, Wellness Coach and Health Advocate

An RNís Story

As a nurse with a constantly changing schedule, I had hit the wall. I was completely stressed out and getting a good nights sleep was next to impossible. I was having trouble digesting food, going to the bathroom and I just felt irritable all the time.

After learning about the NEW Health Code project, I took advantage of the self discovery assessments and educated myself to what was potentially causing my symptoms. I also took advantage of their complimentary coaching session in an effort to better understand what was happening to me.

I have to say what happen next surprised the heck out of me. As an RN I was totally used to seeing a doctor whenever I had a health issue, but once I learned what the underlying root causes were that triggered my current problems, I changed my approach. I decided that more prescriptions was not the answer and I needed to move in a new direction.

The more I learned about the New Health Code project the more I believed in reinventing myself and how I was going to live the rest of my life. I actually got excited thinking about going on a wellness journey with holistic doctors and coaches providing support.

Once I decided to go on this journey my spirits were lifted just with the idea that now I had a plan to get well. I actually started feeling better just knowing that I had a personalized wellness plan with daily and weekly steps to follow.

I have to say that Iíve enjoyed a real success story through the New Health Codeís wellness journey coaching program. I also want to say that Iím still on my wellness journey as it has become a way of life for me and even my kids.    
Iíve actually become the familyís wellness coach even though my kids are now grown and moved out. Theyíve seen the changes in me and now they are total believers. Now my entire family is on a wellness journey and we feed off each others progress.

-Marie W. RN

Jenniferís Story

My health issues started about 18 years ago after my marriage took a difficult turn and I had two little ones at home. I didnít realize how much stress I was putting on myself but I was trying to be a super mom while running my own child development business.

I had a degree in child and family development and I was determined to capitalize on my 4 years in college.

I started having multiple symptoms and they all seemed related to the chronic stress I was putting on myself trying to be super mom. I literally had a text book case of burn out which led to one health crisis after another.

I had digestive problems, even had my gallbladder removed and suffered from adrenal fatigue which left me with no energy

My hormones got so out of balance that my doctor suggested I have a hysterectomy. I had aches and pains all over, I developed pre-diabetes and I would get so moody if I didnít eat every couple of hours.

As you can imagine by this time I was on medication and the doctors started suggesting more meds just to counter the side effects of the other meds. I was a wreck!

Finally, I hit a tipping point when I woke up one morning and realized that my doctors had no real answers for me personally. I was facing a lifetime of multiple prescriptions and potential surgeries. This was not the life that I had imagined or dreamed about.
Once I realized how bleak my future looked I decided to take my health into my own hands. I just felt I didnít have much to lose and there had to be something elseÖa different path so to speak.

A friend told me about the New Health Code project and suggested I check it out. At this point my expectations were pretty low and I was completely open to different approaches and alternative therapies.

I have to say that what really caught my attention was the wellness coaching programs and that I could team up with an accountability partner.

I absolutely loved the idea of taking a wellness journey with another busy mom struggling with similar issues.
I could go on and on about my own wellness journey but let me just say this. When the wellness coaches at the New Health Code project tell you to think about this as a journey and that itt takes time to peel back all the layers of symptoms, please take this idea seriously.

You will enjoy this journey so much that even when youíve completed your coaching program you will want to pursue the rest of your life as if you are on a life long wellness journey. This is absolutely life changingÖfor you and your family. It took me some time but Iím NO longer on any prescription medications, ZERO!

Iíve enjoyed my journey and the bond I developed with my coach, Thomas, so much that Iíve become a holistic wellness coach and launched my own coaching practice.

I now work with Thomas on the New Health Code project as a wellness coach.

-Jennifer J.