Real Estate Investments

We have a full suite of services to support all your investment property needs. We know how challenging it can be to handle all the management, maintenance and marketing responsibilities so we've structured our services to address all the needs of your real estate portfolio.

Management - Our management services are designed to improve the value of your portfolio. We make it easier for you to own and manage real estate so you have the confidence to keep building up your real estate holdings.  

Your property can be equipped with remotely accessed security cameras, environmental and water sensors and a host of other smart and healthy home features.

The Smart and Healthy home features can help improve overall property management and add property value while reducing liability and maintenance costs. Your Smart and Healthy Home features may allow you to attract high quality tenants, receive premium rental rates while creating an above average ROI for your properties.

Maintenance- Our experienced maintenance team is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and on a mission to keep your properties healthy and safe. You will have confidence in your investments knowing that all your tenants are being taken care of and that your properties are safe and healthy.

Each property is set up with security cameras, environmental sensors and a home management system that allows management and the investor to monitor for water leaks and other maintenance issues.

If your property becomes vacant we will continue to maintain the property in a lease ready condition including:

  • Cutting the Grass / Maintaining Landscaping
  • Trash, Leaf and Snow Removal
  • Monitor the Cameras and Sensors
  • Monitor the Energy Management System
  • Painting and Cleaning, Drywall Replacement
  • Water Damage and Mitigation, Mold Removal

We will gather professional estimates from outside contractors and seek your approval for any services needed beyond the ability of our maintenance team.

Marketing - Nothing good happens when your properties are vacant so we help investors find high quality tenants that appreciate and see the value in a Smart Healthy Home. We use the latest technologies and marketing strategies to find just the right tenant for you.

We also help investors find, inspect and analyze potential new investments. Our marketing services are excellent for those investors that like to flip properties or down size their portfolios.
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