Our Story

Jon T. Clay and Thomas R. Clay

We would like to take a few minutes to share a little of our personal story because many of you reading this may benefit from it and save yourselves much heartache, pain, suffering, and money. We want to help as many families as we can avoid the problems our family faced and the hard lessons we learned.  

My mother and father had just welcomed me into this world when we moved into and started renovating an old farmhouse.  The house was close to 175 years old, and if youíve ever seen the comedy, Money Pit, you will appreciate what happened to my mom and dad. There was one renovation problem after another while we were living there.


The big difference between our money pit and the movie was that our renovation project triggered some serious health issues for all three of us. In other words, our biggest money pits were related to illnesses that many of you can probably understand.

Our traditional doctors were clueless as to why and we spent over three years visiting doctors trying to figure out what was causing us to feel so bad. Fortunately, my father stopped depending on the doctors to solve our problems, and he became the familyís health advocate and wellness coach. The good news is that this is when things turned around for us and we started to find answers.

Well in the meantime, we lost our health insurance, and this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After losing our health insurance, my dad started seeking naturopath and holistic practitionerís advice since we had no luck with traditional doctors.

Why is this important?  Because our old house had hidden toxic mold that was being disturbed and going airborne during the renovation process.  No, this story is not about getting sick from mold, but our home was poisoning us, and the traditional doctors had no idea and no answers.

They didnít have a pill for cleansing the toxins from our bodies. And they certainly knew nothing about remediating mold from the house. What happened was, the mold poison chronically stressed our bodies from the inside out and was a major factor in triggering an entire pathway of illnesses for us.

Fortunately, the naturopathic and holistic practitioners had some ideas on how to detox and cleanse the entire body even if they didnít know what to do about the mold in the house.    

The scary part of this story is that every day we are all living in a modern world full of stressors and toxins, all of which are affecting our health - particularly women and children - at an alarming rate. Iíll spare the ugly details of my parents being completely stressed out, getting terribly sick, losing their jobs, and being financially devastated.

The Bottom Line: We live in a very toxic world that is simultaneously stressing us out and poisoning us from the inside out.  In other words, we all need to eat the best foods we can get our hands on, drink the cleanest water we can get, breathe the highest quality air and live in the smartest and healthiest homes we can find.     


Since my family was devastated by this hidden and toxic cloud of mold some 20 years ago, my father has been on a mission to turn our familyís health challenges into something positive where he can help other families. Especially the moms who have such a big impact on the householdís overall health.

To give back and turn this into something positive he created an Institute where he helped over 8000 families overcome their environmental-related health issues. At the Institute, he developed Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) training programs and certified over 200 environmental specialists.

These specialists learned pioneering protocols and procedures covering the inspection and remediation of environmental related contamination including mold and other indoor toxins. He was a true pioneer in the field of health-conscious home repair and maintenance. 

He also met and worked with some amazing doctors, wellness coaches, and alternative practitioners who have encouraged him to share our story, move this mission forward and develop affordable, smart and healthy home solutions.

I'm happy to say that my father not only developed smart and healthy home solutions, has written books and developed wellness programs, but he has coached and mentored me from my earliest days to give back and make a difference in this world.

I was about seven years old when I started going to job sites and one of the things I enjoyed the most was hearing how much the families appreciated what he was doing. Some of them felt like he was saving their lives, their family, and their home. 

Those days made a lasting impression and still motivate me today as I enjoy helping others and making a difference. So now Iím following in my fatherís footsteps so to speak, and working closely with him to launch the Smart Healthy Home project. 

As you can tell, Iím very passionate, completely dedicated, and on a mission to help other families suffering from difficult health challenges.  

To Your Health and Wellness,

Jon T. Clay,

A Smart Healthy Home Specialist and Contractor