Launching the Smart Healthy Home Project  

Families with Health Issues Are Benefiting from Smart Healthy Homes

There is a growing crisis of chronic disease in the America with roughly 130+ million living with a chronic illness. The Smart Healthy Home project offers solutions that address the special health needs of those with cancer, diabetes and a number of other chronic issues.

There are approximately 43 million family and informal caregivers in the USA providing care at home for someone aged 50+. The Smart Healthy Home project provides solutions to improve healthy living conditions, independence and monitoring for the elderly while strengthening family ties.

How Can You Help?

Your participation and support of the Smart Healthy Home project will help inspire a Wellness Community of like-minded health care providers, caregivers and families that see the value in placing the sick and elderly in smart and healthy living conditions.

We are creating a Wellness Community to help spread the word and gather success stories of families who move their loved ones out of homes that are poorly maintained, damp, dangerous, moldy and have poor air and water quality. What we refer to as ‘sick homes”.

 The Smart Healthy Home Project is Design to...

  • Bring awareness to the fact that many homes actually cause their  occupant’s health to deteriorate and in some cases act as the underlying root cause of serious illnesses.
  • Create case studies (success stories) that can be shared to inspire and motivate others to move their loved ones into smart and healthy homes.
  •  Document how Internet based educational tools and resources combined with wellness coaching and smart healthy homes can improve the health and quality of life for many. 
  • Encourage others to participate in a “higher cause”, joining a wellness movement that is bigger than them alone. 
  • Provide important feedback, case studies and other research to health-related professionals so they can provide better care for their patients, clients and loved ones.   
Please join us in this unique project and tell a friend or family member about us!   

Are You Ready to Support this Unique Project?

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