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Our Services are Focused on the Health and Wellness of Both the Occupants and the Property

RemediationThere are millions of families living in “Sick” homes that need some type of environmental remediation. 

You may not think that frozen gutters can cause water damage and mold growth but it's actually very common. When a home becomes toxic or sick, it causes its occupants to become sick.  If the home’s residents already have health issues, it can exasperate the situation and trigger a severe downward spiral. This is especially true for seniors, young children and those battling chronic illnesses. 

Hidden Indoor Mold Can Be Dangerous 

Most people don't realize how mold attacks the immune and respiratory systems triggering a wide variety of illnesses. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), all molds have the potential to undermine your health.  The severity of your symptoms depends on the types of mold, your exposure, age, general health, and your existing sensitivities.

Often, the first sign of a mold problem is a "musty" odor in the basement or when you first enter the home. Many older adults have allowed the maintenance of their homes to lapse. Putting off water leaks and other maintenance issues almost guarantee mold problems and once mold starts growing it can literally take over the house and destroy it and the occupants.

Thousands of people die every year due to complications caused by poor indoor quality issues triggered by mold and other environmental toxins.

Smart Healthy Home's staff use the latest technologies and tools to investigate and uncover hidden mold problems. We also use non-toxic, environmentally friendly solutions and advanced techniques and tools for remediation of mold and other indoor contaminants... guaranteeing superior air quality for all of our customers.

Restoration - Our restoration efforts focus on those situations where we can make a difference in the home and the occupant’s health. For example, when a damp basement has turned moldy, and the area needs mold remediation, we often work with customers to mitigate the sources of water leaks and dampness while “restoring” the area into healthy living space.    

We also work with clients that have experienced flooding, water leaks from the roof and broken water lines in laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.   

Renovation - Our renovation services are focused on making your home smarter and healthier, so you have more independence and can safely stay in your home longer. Many older adults with health issues are frightened by the prospect of being forced to leave their home because they are no longer able to live there safely. 

Smart Healthy Homes can be set up so loved ones and caregivers can communicate with and assist residents remotely 24/7.  Now is the time to create a smart and healthy home environment for your family and elderly parents.  

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