Thomas R. Clay
Author, Wellness Coach and Health Advocate
My Personal Story

My wife and I just had a baby boy when we started renovating the old farm house we were living in. This house was close to 175 years old and had a lot of charm but also needed a lot work. We’ve all heard stories about renovating old houses and how they can quickly turn into “money pits”.

You may have even seen the comedy movie, Money Pit. This movie highlighted one renovation disaster after another and the couple tried to live there during the renovation.

As you can imagine they were stressed to the max and the couple’s relationship eventually was torn apart.

Well, our renovation project had many of the same issues and was full of disaster, and included major stress with multiple “money pits”.

The big difference for us was our renovation project triggered some serious health issues and our biggest money pits were related to getting sick. Illnesses that many of you can relate to.

Once I stopped depending on the doctors to solve our problems and became my own health coach things turned around for us.

As part of my role as health advocate and coach I became a researcher and investigator. After just a few weeks of investigating potential causes, I quickly realized it was something we were eating, drinking or breathing that was triggering our health issues…that sounds simple enough, right?

In the meantime, we lost our health insurance as they kept denying coverage before they decided not to renew our contract altogether.

See, our old house had hidden toxic Mold that we disturbed while we were renovating. No, this story is not about getting sick from Mold. Stay with me for a few more minutes.

We were being poisoned by our own home and the traditional doctors really had no answers. Basically, they didn’t have a pill for detoxing the poisons from our bodies.

And the Doctors certainly knew nothing about removing mold from the house.

All this before you even consider taking care of yourself. All this and you haven’t even said yes to being on the PTA, coach your kids, carpool to soccer and get them to music, cheer and dance lessons.

If You Suffer from Super Women Syndrome You Are Not Alone

Literally, our modern lifestyles are causing excessive adrenaline and cortisol hormones to drag down our nervous systems and causing a new generation of health issues.

A New Generation of Illnesses Affecting Women Twice as often as Men

Through my research and interviews with holistic doctors, I found out that chronic stress is affecting women twice as often, compared to men, and triggering some very predictable issues.

The Good News is that you can find real holistic solutions that successfully addressed the root causes of this new generation of health issues.

Now I want to share with you the doctors and wellness programs that can not only help you prevent these issues but help those of you that may already being having issues.

This is what The NEW Health Code for Women project is all about. Providing you with the resources, tools and support that we needed but couldn’t find.

So, now my mission includes working with holistic doctors, wellness coaches and alternative health practitioners to empower, educate and coach busy women how to be their own personal health advocates and their family’s wellness coach.

I’ve spent most of the last 20 years researching and testing alternative treatment solutions and holistic therapies that can help those suffering from toxic overload, chronic stress, fatigue, thyroid dysfunction and the entire pathway of illnesses triggered by our fast paced, over connected world.

During this time, I’ve met and worked with some amazing doctors, wellness coaches and alternative practitioners that have encouraged me to move this mission forward and to share my story. They have also encouraged me to not only publish The NEW Health Code for Women book, but to use my experiences and create some real solutions.

Because I had done so much research and testing of alternative treatment options and holistic therapies, I also worked as a wellness coach and personally help hundreds of families suffering from toxic overload and other stress related issues.

I have to say, I was surprised how therapeutic and inspiring it was to give back and help others. I actually felt a deep healing begin to take place once I turned my challenges into something Bigger than just me and my family.

And now I have set up the NEW Health Code as a project so you too can help yourself while giving back and making a difference. Now you can make a difference for your family, friends, co-workers and even other women you’ve never met.

I’m driven everyday to provide the educational resources, tools and coaching support that my family needed so badly but could NOT find.

The NEW Health Code for Women project is my passion and I’m on a mission to help those women that influence the health of the whole family. I want to empower those women who are leading their families and those leading their work environments to become the “in house” wellness coaches.

You’ve probably heard the old saying ” When Mom is Not Happy, Nobody is Happy”. Well, today you can say, “When Mom is Not Healthy, Her Family is Not Healthy”
To Your Good Health and Wellness

Thomas R. Clay,
Holistic Wellness Coach and Father
Co-Author of The NEW Health Code for Women book and podcast series

Co-Creator of The NEW Health Code Wellness Camps and Wellness Journey Programs