Our Values
The NEW Health Code for Women is a community outreach project of the Health Design Institute. All the self discovery assessments, educational resources, wellness programs, and training curriculum have been created by exceptional minds from both traditional western medicine and holistic health care.

We have combined the best of traditional medicine with a variety of holistic and alternative solutions. Our experts make learning about health and wellness come alive.

We combine useful information, engaging content and sound research about how the mind, body and spirit work together to create long-lasting wellness.

Our Mission

The NEW Health Code project is empowering a wellness movement. Our mission includes a growing network of doctors, holistic wellness coaches, nurses, fitness professionals and alternative health care practitioners that are totally dedicated in their efforts to support busy women and their families.

Our books, webinars and podcast series, wellness camps, and wellness journeys are all designed to empower women of all ages who have lost their passion and are trying to balance the constant demands of work, family and health.

We are inspiring and leading women to move forward gracefully as they regain a healthy balance and renew their sense of purpose in life. We help women feel Powerful, Passionate and Fabulous again!

We Believe
The Need to Team Up and Go on this Mission Together

Creating a Holistic Wellness Community and accomplishing something special together

Empowering a Movement…Supporting a new kind of holistic wellness practice model

Designing Personal and Transformational Journeys to achieve a healthy balance between your mind, body and spirit

Personalized Wellness Plans that Guide YOU Step by Step

Wellness Coaching as a proactive family activity…parents can play the role of “in house” wellness coach dramatically reducing their health care costs, the number of doctor visits, prescriptions and illnesses

Giving women the knowledge base and tools to be the wellness coach for their family and/or at work

Using 21st-century tools to support 21st-century families

Clearing the Gremlins in Your Head- The trapped emotions, inner critic, internal rules and vows past down from your parents and grandparents and unhealthy behavioral patterns that are undermining YOU and your family’s health.

Giving parents (the family wellness coach) meaningful ways to be involved in their children’s wellness…thus affecting their kid’s wellness for the rest of their lives

Rich, engaging educational content that gets kids practicing wellness in a fun, creative way

Wellness Coaching in Groups using a Supportive Community Atmosphere…it has been proven that people take more responsibility and hold themselves more accountable when they are part of a bigger group and have a sense of community.
WE Invite YOU
We invite YOU to join us in this Mission and help us build a successful movement that inspires other women to take action. We also plan to share our success stories with more doctors and wellness practitioners.

Help us show other doctors how they too can build a new kind of practice model so other women can find the type of help and support they need.

WE Invite YOU to participate in our project.

We value your success stories, questions and count on the feedback to make our programs better for everyone!