Craig Koniver, MD, Author, Health Advocate
Some of you may have already heard or read my story and how it has changed my life. For those that haven’t, I would like to take a few minutes to introduce myself and share with you a story that will hit close to home for many of you! I call this my “Turning Point” and my Big Why!

As I mentioned before, I’m Craig Koniver, MD and I describe myself as a Holistic MD and this is my “turning point” story. I actually have two turning points in my story!

This is the story that caused me to take a close look in the mirror and decide if I was going to fit into the health care system as we know it today or was I going to take a stand and do what was right for my family and for my patients and their families.

The interesting thing is, even though my father was a physician and my grandfather was a physician and I spent years and years of my life learning how to be a doctor…my truest and most valuable lessons have come from many of my patients!

It’s not fun to admit that I was totally brainwashed at one point…like many of you! But it’s the truth!

My first true turning point was when I realized that our health care system can be completely dysfunctional and broken at times…especially in how it addresses women’s health and the health of our families!

When I decided to open my first practice on my own just over 10 years ago, I was brainwashed and thinking that I needed to schedule patients every 10-15 minutes, give them a diagnoses because that is what the insurance companies need for reimbursement. Then write some kind of prescription because that is what patients seem to expect from their doctors.
I quickly realized that many of the illnesses and lifestyle issues facing women were being overlooked and misdiagnosed with this approach. And frankly, it made the situation worse for some patients because their bodies were toxic and another chemical based prescription only made it worse.

I also saw many women that were completely stressed out, exhausted and feeling frustrated not knowing where to get real answers and support for their challenges.

I finally got so frustrated seeing my patients continue to suffer and hearing about all their friends looking for real help I decided to begin practicing holistic medicine where I combined the best of modern medicine with the best holistic solutions I could find.

This is where I had my second “turning point” and one of the main reasons I teamed up to develop The Health Code for Women project and begin offering wellness coaching programs.

Well, over the last 10+ years I’ve researched, tested and implemented many different therapies and treatment options trying to find the best and most cost effective ones for my patients.

Over this time, I’ve used more than a dozen different alternative therapies and treatments and narrowed it down to 9-10 I really like that are effective ...and the most exciting part is I also found the real “X” factor that anyone in this room can access and use 24/7!

This “X” factor as I call it now is the most powerful wellness tool on the planet…in my opinion! And I’m really excited to introduce it to you right now!

The X factor I found is…the mass majority of people need to clear emotional roadblocks and unhealthy behavioral patterns before they can realize Real Health and Well being.

And Holistic Wellness Coaching is absolutely the most powerful tool on the planet for helping people clear the Gremlins in their head.

So, after seeing more than 10,385 moms and dads over the last 12 years with these common health issues, I have joined with a team of other MD’s and Wellness Coaches to develop Wellness programs specifically for women.

When someone takes advantage of Holistic Wellness Coaching they can enjoy personalized planning and a step by step road map for overcoming many of today’s most difficult health issues and lifestyle choices.

We also refer to this as “Designing your own Personal Wellness Journey”!

Doctors’ offices today are just not set up and staffed to provide the kind of planning, education and support that many patients and their families need.

Wellness Coaching is an extremely powerful process of transformation that can empower, shift, and improve your life.

This past year I’ve come to further realize that working with patients one on one is not the best use of my time and the valuable knowledge I’ve accumulated.

Now, I want to empower women so they can help their families and have access to alternative treatment options and wellness coaches specializing in today's biggest health issues.

I invite you today to take a closer look at your own knowledge base and skills and look in the mirror like I did a few years ago.

I want you to ask yourself…are you going to help yourself and create a healthier, happier and more successful life…or are you just going to sit on the sidelines and hope the health care system picks you up and takes you along for the ride!

Please Join Us Today and Help Empower This Wellness Movement!

Dr. Craig Koniver