Are You Ready for A Healthier, Happier and More Fulfilling Life

You are Smarter than Your Stress! It’s time to step up and take the wheel. Move away from reacting to stress and allowing it to accumulate. Set your intention so you can respond to stress in a healthy, balanced ways. You’ve got this!

Most of us are stuck in a constant state of stress known as “fight or flight” response mode that makes it nearly impossible for our natural healing processes to work. Let’s work together and learn to control and manage our responses to stress so we can heal, rebalance and thrive in this demanding world.

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We Invite You! - One on One Wellness Coaching is the Perfect Solution for those Ready for a Little Self Care

We Invite you to move forward and invest some time and effort into your own Self Care!

We invite you to identify and release all your internal stress triggers that have been programmed in your head and absorbed into your nervous system.

We Promise You!

Needless to say, learning to clear stressful triggers and retraining your nervous system responses will help you live a healthier and happier life. When you decide to be smarter than stress you can expect a myriad of benefits. Yes, a myriad of benefits, including…

  • Improved sleep
  • A lot less stress
  • Less worry
  • More focus and enhanced concentration
  • A life with more passion
  • Deeper feelings of love
  • Improved relationships

The Smarter than Stress module is only one of over 20 modules that you and your wellness coach can focus on together. The following is a sampling of other modules that you may want to choose from and you may even want to bundle two or three of these together.

Heal Your Gut, Lose Your Belly - Let Us Help You Get Back Your Shape and Confidence! Health We will help you reduce the inflammation in your belly that causing it to expand all while resetting your metabolism.

Many very prominent doctors and researchers are now coming to the conclusion that the gut is the center piece or launching pad for our health. The good, bad and ugly.

“All disease begins in the gut” – Hippocrates said this more than 2,000 years ago.

Why are so many doctors and researchers coming to this conclusion now? The answer is inflammation. Your gut is generating and harboring too much inflammation. Our stress filled lifestyles combined with processed foods, food intolerances and toxic beverages are a recipe for inflammation.

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart – Allow your Heart to lead so you can live life with Purpose and Passion. Enjoy true happiness living life with Spiritual guidance and support.

We are all born with a spirit that lives in our heart. God speaks to us through our heart. Our purpose and passions for life come from the heart. Not Your Head.

Our hearts are the true center of our universe and we need to open and allow our hearts to empower our lives. A life full of hope and happiness where dreams come true.

The Gremlins in Your Head – Identify and release trapped Gremlins programming your current health, wealth and success. Each week, we will help uncover and release old programming that no longer serves your health and wellbeing.

Solving The Headaches and Migraines Mystery – Many things can cause headaches and migraines so it’s vitally important that we identify and remove the root causes. Let’s use this module to release any emotional Gremlins, food allergies/intolerances or any number of issues that may be triggering your pain and suffering. Learn to stop these headaches/migraines before they ever start.

Identifying and Stopping Self Sabotaging Behavior – Are You Your Own Worst Enemy? Are you unknowingly sabotaging your success and wellbeing? Are You Sabotaging Your Love Life with behaviors you don’t even recognize? Let’s us Help You Stop this Self Sabotaging Behavior so you can reach your goals and move closer to your dreams.

Identifying and Releasing Your Blocks to Money, Abundance and Prosperity – The vast majority of us have some blocks that are preventing us from enjoying more wealth and abundance. Lets’ break through those blockages permanently with this module so you can earn more, keep more of it, achieve more with your career and enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Infertility to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy – In this module we will work to uncover and clear any hidden mental, emotional and/or physical conditions that are undermining your ability to get pregnant.

We will help you create the right conditions for your body and mind to become pregnant and naturally carry the baby to full term.

Healing Trauma from Sex Abuse or Rape - Yes, it is possible to fully and completely recover from the trauma of sexual abuse and rape? Let’s use this module to release the negative energies and emotions trapped in your nervous system and subconscious mind. Let’s release them Now and Forever …there is NO reason to suffer any Longer!

Resolve Physical, Mental and Emotional Pain Quickly and Permanently – Improve the Quality of Your Life Starting Immediately! In this module, we will work together to identify what are the underlying causes and remove these quickly and forever! Physical and emotional pain that has been holding you back can now be a thing of the past. Live a Life Free of Pain and Pain Killers.

Finding a New Love – Use this module to let go of the Ghost of Your past relationships. Let go of all pain and trauma so you can attract the Love that you deserve. Learn to be more supportive and less judgmental so you can create an enduring relationship that stands the test of time.

What Kind of Investment is Required for One on One Coaching?

Your investment is more than Money! You must be willing to learn, grow and spend some time with your coach. There are No Silver Bullets for modern health issues and you can expect to spend 6-10 weeks working with a wellness coach to identify and resolve the underlying root causes that are challenging you and your family.

We will work with you and personalize a coaching budget that makes sense for you. We will set up monthly payments and we guarantee results or you can ask for your money back. In other words, if we are not totally confident we can help you resolve your challenges we will tell you that wellness coaching is not a good fit at this time.

Personal One on One Wellness Coaching Packages are available starting at $395.00 and can be broken into monthly payments for your convenience.

Imagine investing $395 in your own personal self-care and learning how to Out Smart Stress? What is that Really Worth? Imagine identifying and releasing those nasty Gremlins in your Head that are sabotaging your health and success! Our Wellness Coaching packages are life changing!

Are You Ready?

Many of us plan our daily schedules in 15 and 30 minute blocks, trying to squeeze every ounce of productivity out of our day…out of our lives. While this may give us a sense of fullness, a sense that we are making our moments count in ways that advance our lives in the direction important to each of us, the bad news is this is a false sense of security.

The reality is our nervous systems are not designed to be under that kind of pressure on a daily basis. Our hormonal systems can’t keep up with the constant production of various hormones required to maintain this kind of daily schedule and lifestyle pace. There comes a point when the body and the mind begin to struggle, and we feel overwhelmed and signs of burnout begin to creep into our sense of wellbeing.

Does this sound like anyone you know, maybe even yourself? Are you ready to find a better, happier, healthier way to be productive and live your life?